Persons With Disabilities-Your Friends In Need!

The Africa Disability Alliance (ADA) is a coalition of federations / organisations of persons with disabilities and their national/ local structures. ADA’s vision is that of an African continent where people with disabilities enjoy their human rights. The mission is to be an African knowledge-based organisation that works in partnership with, among others, inter-governmental organisations African governments, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), academia, human rights institutions and Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) to promote inclusive development and human rights for people with disabilities.


Become part of our family that is dedicated to creating a future that is based of equality and respect for human rights.

Key questions:

Will I ever need a friend when I am in need?

A friend that fights for a planet without discrimination?

A friend that fights for human rights for all? 

A friend that causes governments and other duty bearers to ensure that all products and services are accessible to all-again with discrimination?

When I get old, do I want an accessible built environment, infrastructure, transportation services and other benefits?


If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, persons with disabilities are your Friends in Need!


Your contribution to the current Friends in Need Campaign! will go a long way in providing the resources we need to get us to the finishing line-where there is equality, equity of outcomes, your human rights are defended and your current/ future needs prepared for.

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  1. Sustainability Economic Empowerment And Disability (Seed) Project

    They say you reap what you sow! By supporting ADA’s SEED Programme, you help us to not only fight poverty and under-development, but you give us the energy we need to fight for the Future we All Want! This is a future in which Friends own and use the means of production to contribute to the survival of individuals, families, communities and countries wherever they are on our planet. Again, without discrimination and within the context of achieving human rights!
    $450.00 donated of $800,000.00 goal
  2. Sustainable Employment Strategies Through Access to Inclusive Education (SESIE) Project

    Education can be neither universal nor equitable if it is less accessible to some sections of society than it is to others. The inclusive and quality education concepts assert that attaining education and inclusivity for all as part of overall development starts with education that is based on “acceptable methods and technology made universally accessible to children (with/without disability), individuals and families in the community through their full participation and at a cost that the community and the country can afford. By educating all learners in settings that provide for inclusion and good quality educational outcome, we, as friends, are able to address the lack of effective guiding strategies for implementing inclusive education, inadequacy of reliable data which culminates in restricted provision of accurate/concise depiction of reality of learners with disabilities with regards to education.
    $10.00 donated of $500,000.00 goal

    Strategy For Equitable Access And Response To Covid 19 Pandemic (Sear) Project: Ensuring Disability Mainstreaming In Key Sectors In Southern Africa.
    $0.00 donated of $500,000.00 goal

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